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I'd love to capture the essence that is you one square at a time

Mark Jepsen

Mark is a Brisbane based photographer whose artistic mind and close attention to detail brings a magical and quality experience to every shoot. He has the unique ability to capture those raw fleeting moments in life that pass us by all too quickly.

Marks career as a photographer started with a need to help a friend by sharing in the joy of photography. The friend that had been in a horrific motorbike accident and spent 3 months in the Intensive Care Unit. During recovery he was struggling with anxiety, depression and subsequently become withdrawn. Upon one of Mark’s visits he noticed his friend had a digital camera much like his own and had the thought to start the common link of photography to encourage his friend out of his shell. Shortly after, this become an online link with other people who had a love for photography….            And so the story began….                                                                                                                                  What started as a small group of people sharing an interest in photography grew to accommodate members from around the world of all ages and backgrounds. Mark being a perfectionist felt the overwhelming desire to gain the formal qualifications needed to not only become a professional photographer, but in turn to be able to deliver the best guidance and support for his group. The group has provided an online community where people can come to share, learn and be united by their genuine love of photography…  Mark is now a qualified professional photographer with a current Blue Card – specializing in Events, Weddings, Portraits, Family, Maternity and baby photography.


Mark’s kind and genuine approach mixed with his keen eye for detail, leaves even the “unphotogenic” person leaving insecurities behind, feeling at ease and enjoying their time in front of the camera.

Turning a moment into a life time


Telling your story to the